About the WØQSL Bureau
The WØQLS Bureau has been sponsored by and a project of the Mississippi Valley DX and Contest Club (MVDX/CC) since 2005. The Tenth District Zero Incoming QSL Bureau manages all of the DX QSL cards that are sent to Hams with "Ø" callsign that arrive through the Incoming Bureau services.

Incoming DX QSL cards arrive at your Bureau regularly, and each Incoming Bureau has its own procedures for purchasing supplies (envelopes, stamps & address labels) and getting cards to bureau subscribers.

The Zero Incoming Bureau uses the following procedures for processing and getting incoming DX cards to members:

  1. Incoming cards are first pre-sorted into groups based on the first letter after the zero in the callsign. The Zero District QSL Bureau typically pre-sorts between 12,000-15,000 DX cards each quarter.

  2. The pre-sorted stacks are then passed along to the individual Sorter that handles each letter. Sorters are volunteer Hams who take on the responsibility for sorting all the cards in their letter group by individual callsign and maintain a ledger that shows each Ham who has cards at the Bureau, the amount of supplies (envelopes, stamps & self-addressed address labels) on hand for sending each individual Ham their incoming DX cards, and a history of cards handled by that particular sorter.

  3. To determine your individual Sorter you use the letter following the zero in your callsign. For example, if you callsign has the letter "R" after the zero then your sorter would be the "R" sorter .. and so on.

  4. In the Zero Bureau cards are pre-sorted and passed along to individual letter sorters on a quarterly basis. Sorters, in turn, sort and send out cards to individual bureau member on a quarterly basis IF the individual ham has both supplies on hand and a sufficient number of DX cards to warrant a mailing. Typically, if you are a Zero Bureau subscriber and have supplies on hand and at least 6 incoming DX cards with your sorter you will receive a mailing of those cards quarterly. If you do not have supplies on hand with your sorter OR if you have fewer than 6 cards on hand your sorter will hold those cards until you either get 6 or more cards or the month of December is reached at which time your sorter will send you any cards on hand, even if you only have one card at that time, if you have supplies on hand.

  5. In order to be a subscriber of the Zero Bureau and receive any DX cards that arrive for you through the ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau you must: (1) purchase supplies from the Zero Bureau manager, who will then deliver your supplies to your individual sorter; and (2) have incoming DX cards that have arrived for you through the incoming Bureau system.

  6. For special contacts such as rare-DX stations or big DX'peditions Hams often send their card via the USPS First Class mail.
  7. International Reply Coupons: As of January 27, 2013, the U.S. Postal Service no longer sells international reply coupons. However, coupons previously sold by the U.S. Postal Service can still be used or exchanged (see 381.2). The following standards apply to international reply coupons, click link for complete details.